Established in 2016 with generous funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, as well as the UCI School of Social Sciences and community members, the Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute is dedicated to studying policies and programs designed to support economic self-sufficiency. ESSPRI brings together the talents and contributions of researchers at UC Irvine, the UC system, and the national research community in a network committed to objective, high-quality research. With a focus on policy impact at the state and local levels, ESSPRI seeks to engage with the policy community to improve policy.

To create lasting impact, ESSPRI:

  • Produces and sponsors research comparing and contrasting policies with respect to long-run outcomes related to economic self-sufficiency.
  • Works with its network of researchers and communications staff to convey to policymakers lessons from the research.
  • Disseminates policy-related research to the media and the policy community through targeted studies, op-eds, accessible write-ups of research findings, policy testimony, and other means.
  • Organizes events to learn from local programs that seek to increase economic self-sufficiency, to help these programs assess and improve their effectiveness through data collection and evaluation, and to disseminate findings on effective interventions.



For media or research inquiries please contact Dan Paley at dpaley@uci.edu or 949-824-5320.

Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute 
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